Something just… tongues should be cut

Something Makeup artist and hairdresser are preparing bride before wedding. Hairdresser-stylist with short stylish hairstyle applies makeup, makes false eyelashes, paints lips, curls girl, spectacular lighting


..I like to think about
what could be
done to these people
Something cruel
Something mean
Something just
But the meaner the better
Goodness knows they deserve it
Have you ever dreamed of
killing all the stupid people?
Not just the unintelligent people
but the sort that don’t know anything about anything
but seem to have opinions about everything
They’re only too ready to offer their advice about
how to run your life
And yet look at how they run their own lives
For the most part they’ve accomplished nothing
They’ve contributed nothing
Their lives are miserable
But they talk, talk, talk
At the very least their tongues should be cut out
At the very least

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hairdresser-stylist makes festive hairstyle
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