Pornhub galitsin Maurizio Maranghi

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Soon after that the web site “PhotoItaly” began to publish -without the Master’s permission- his work. Maurizio Maranghi, PhotoItaly owner, eventually reached an agreement with Master Galitsin and on October 8th,1999, “Most Erotic Teens” (the new name of published the first pictures of the Master. The rest is history!

Pornhub galitsin Maurizio Maranghi

Такое милое доброе лицо. Почему некоторые вспоминают Чикатилло. Другие доктора Лектора. Самый лучший отзыв, сравнение с Гарольдом терпящим боль.
Что же такое случилось с милым, открытым и доверчивым мальчуганом?
Тюрьма, крах сверх успешного бизнеса, предательство друзей!

Светлана Ночевнова. На биографическом сайте посвященной моим фотографиям она представлена как благодетельница, пытающаяся получить помощь от Маурицио и Питера Хегре для меня.
Это такая полная чушь. Нарезала круги вокруг родственников Ирины она с целью выцыганить аппаратуру, объективы, освещение.
Поскольку работала на Мета, работать было лень. Хотя Мет платил в то время хорошие деньги.

Вспоминая нашу совместную жизнь. Света много сделала как переводчик. Возможно. Дружеское общение с Метом.
Но личная жизнь была очень смешная.У меня было 2-3 любовницы из числа моделей.
Света старалась отомстить. Однажды я получил письмо с предложением купить видео где якобы трахали Свету у нее на даче.
Только вчера почему то вспомнили об этом.

Ну а так то я открою небольшой секрет. Света любила девочек.
От мальчиков она тоже бы не отказалась,но с девочками у нее получалось лучше.

И вот эту девушку я попросил не о помощи, а о посредничестве.

“Another VERY IMPORTANT THING Svetlana did for the Master was to look for some help when Irina & the Master was in jail:

” I had the moment in the prison when I promptly needed a financial support! My credit cards and accounts were under the arrest and it was impossible to sell my car. Irina’s mother ( Valentina ), with the use of her miserable retired pay was bringing us parcels into the prison! I wrote a letter to my ex-friend Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) with a request to give a financial support. She was on the first terms with Maurizio and often talked to him by the phone.1000 dollars would be enough for me! According to my modest accounts Maurizio was earning that time about 1 million dollars per day on the MET-ART. He responded me proudly that his help to me would break his principles. At least Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) told me like that 
Petter Hegre was well-wishing and he also sent his sincere regards! There was nothing about the financial support.
It is very difficult for me to get accustomed to these things. Not being in the prison was terrible, it was terrible the betrayal and disregard of people whom I used to treat as my friends. Having released from the prison I looked through the sites of Peter (Hegre-Art) and of Maurizio (Met-Art) with a big interest. This is not the Art Maurizio Maranghi used to imagine…This is boring and not interesting to look at! I have been always proud that I was in the foundation of this site. Some people treated me as the one of the founders of the Met-Art on a level with Maurizio Maranghi. And now I am ashamed because of this site. I spent several years of my life and a lot of efforts in order to show on the Internet not just hard porno but I wanted to show tenderness and beauty on the Internet! I do not want to advertise my site Galitsin-News, which was destroyed not without participation of Maurizio Maranghi. But when my site was working it was a specimen of humor, beauty, tenderness and of vitality. We have never presented dolls, our girls were always alive. Now the Met-Art is slowing down the development of natural beauty and of high Art because the photos which are put on this site have turned into soulless stamp. Exclusive handwork and fresh ideas have been always valued in the world. In my point of view that Russian web masters should work with Russian photographers. The Russian Federation must not be a source of raw women’s and adolescent’s meet for the Met-Art.
If the Met-Art wants to exist then in this case they have to work with American photographers and models in order to find out there the legitimacy of shootings and the certificates of the girls. Mauruzio, hands off the Russian girls! I with my wife and with my models brought you enough money. I do not work my children to work for American “kind uncle” Maurizio Maranghi. This is my own point of view and of my wife Irina who is known on the Met-Art as Valentina.”

И продолжение…
“When Irina was put in prison in March of 2007 I stayed in prison without money for a while. Irina’s mother was bringing me and Irina several packages. I asked Cveta Nochevnova to refer to Maurizio to ask for some help because Cveta had already known Maurizio quite well. But he made me know that it was not in his nature to give somebody a help. Having heard it I was very surprised. When did he become such a ceremonious person? I was puzzled because he had told me that he is from the respectable Mafia family. He even told me several last names but I did not remember them. Besides it is in nature of families to help friends who got into the trouble. Of course long years of success made their cruel deal or even nowadays crisis also damaged him. It is funny when I start thinking that once somebody’s life can turn around. I have had similar situations several times in my life. I know that my fortune can take high into the clouds and next day I can be down on the floor….. But I do not understand Maurizio. We got acquainted with him when he was unemployed American with Italian roots. On my old computer I have got the copy of the site “Mosteroticteens”, this copy made in 1999. There are scanned photos from different magazines there. The first his pictures Mauricio did not buy but steel from me. And several months after it he was begging me not to write the complaint because of the stolen content. I had no money in order to pay off. That moment I could become a part owner of “Mosteroticteens” with the income of 8-10%. But I do not regret about it. You should not write falsehood on your side. I have never taken him seriously. I remember when he took offense at Peter Hegre when he left him and made his own site «Hegre-Archives». I was in the middle of all the deals and machinations. I wonder who will be the next. Who will start the next scandal?”

Какие скандалы!? Будем здравыми людьми. Неоправдавшиеся ожидания. Досада.
Я часто снимаю последнее время редким объективом присланным в подарок Маурицио.

Вспоминаю романтическое время.

But, of course, that discovery will give her a lot of troubles one day..

” I remember when we wet to the bathroom with Julia and then suddenly came my severe friend Sveta Nochevnova. That day Sveta had to go to the cottage house for the whole day but she made a sudden return. She cut July’s tights and skirt and almost struggled her. But it did not stop us. Once I went with Julia to the holiday camp “Repino” for taking photos. When suddenly at midnight her lover with several strong guys visited us…..My ass saved only one thing, I could taking down any hard situation and I believe my guardian angel also helped me. She did not stop coming to my place for taking photos but she started asking me to let her free a little bit earlier in order to come to the pool with her new lover. She was telling her boyfriend that she spent time with me. I promised him that I would not fuck her girlfriend but several times I broke my promise. I regret only about one thing that while my relationship with Julia I did not put enough attention on her friend Valentina..”

Но сейчас оно не хуже. Просто все по другому.

Grigori Galitsin if not the best, he is one of the best art photographers of the world! His sense of art, of beauty, are breathtaking, yet his life has not always been the wonderful world of high class art photography his eyes and artistic sense perceive, and that he so skilfully preserves and transmits through is camera. Often misunderstood, persecuted, envied by many that are nothing nor can ever be and try to hide their mediocrity by proclaiming Grigori Galitsin for what he is not, Grigori lives on head up “crossing the valley of the shadow of death” of life “fearing no evil” as he was born with a natural gift, his art sense and skill that he developed and shares with the world in a simple and discrete manner such as is his way of living life, not looking for the ephemeral spot lights of fame, Grigori simply lives his life in a quiet farm with his wife Irina and children were they grow vegetables and have some farm animals of which a very funny curly hair pig … well this idyllic “heaven” is in fact hard life and if you doubt that, then try to grow your own vegetables and grow your own chickens, pigs etc… fish for food in the ice … and then you will know that although healthy it is hard work and the majority of you will continue to go to the supermarket were all is there like for magic, the environment is perfectly conditioned and they even put music to entice and make you feel unique (and buy more of what you need but mostly what you do not need) so that you feel “very happy” and thankful for being a member of this Brave New World so well portrayed and previewed by Aldous Huxley. Grigori and Irina’s lives are not easy. To be famous is not their goal, to live, let live, and be well, loved, respected and cared for is what they deserve and strive for. Well many of you probably think and strive for that as well but think that being famous would suffice to compensate and live happy, well no! and bellow Grigori shares with us very sad and hard moments of his life for which no fame, money, or whatever can compensate or solve.

Pornhub galitsin Maurizio Maranghi

Pornhub, galitsin, Maurizio Maranghi, WTF, pirates, fuck alice, anais demois, cveta, jail, master, domen, for sale, nude, hegre peter, Mosteroticteens, nud


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Pornhub galitsin Maurizio Maranghi

Pornhub, galitsin, Maurizio Maranghi, WTF, pirates, fuck alice, anais demois, cveta, jail, master, domen, for sale, nude, hegre peter, Mosteroticteens, nud

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