My friend Maurizio Maranghi (Met-Art, Mosteroticteens, Met-Girls, Met-Models)
Good news for the beginning! As it was written by my fan and subscriber “Grig is back? The best news of the year!! Galitsin is a genius of the erotic art; I hope to see Grig working soon!” I would add to this news that we are still free and this is wonderful!…..On the 4th of June our public prosecutor Chernishev S. V. applied to the highest court in order to change my punishment. To tell the truth he wanted to put me into the prison once more. I did not want to give him my Hummer I believed that he had already promised him to his friends. If even make an accurate translation of this sentence it will be still difficult for American or European to get the main idea of this case. The case is that the investigator and later the attorney tried to confiscate, to take away and to sell my car. Under various pretexts he tries to do it the third time. It would be impossible to understand that the apartment which I bought myself was returned to me the half price which it had cost before. It would be also difficult to understand that three months after my arrest my mother died and now I am not allowed into her apartment. The relatives deal with everything there by the authority of my investigator and my attorney. It would be also difficult to understand that I can not get my things which were not taken as the material evidence because certain of them are already sold. My photo cameras, objective lens, computer furniture, monitors and my favorite Indian carpet are also sold……. I am not Hodorkovskiy but I can say like him that they took away everything from me! It would be very difficult to translate into English….. But to tell the truth that is nothing new in the world’s history that executors get the property. If it were 1937 I would not be surprised. The second piece of news is that we are are waiting for a baby. We wondered about it in prison and long time before it. But Adriano Chelentano’s relative has already three sons. I am talking of course about the owner of Met-Art Maurizio Maranghi. I did not try to come up with him but I have already got two adult sons and I also have got one grandchild and his character is complex as well as mine. To tell the truth we have always dreamed about the daughter but I have always got only sons. I think it is also good. I wish it were not war. Because there is an omen when boys are born more than girls it followed by the war…..
When Irina was put in prison in March of 2007 I stayed in prison without money for a while. Irina’s mother was bringing me and Irina several packages. I asked Cveta Nochevnova to refer to Maurizio to ask for some help because Cveta had already known Maurizio quite well. But he made me know that it was not in his nature to give somebody a help. Having heard it I was very surprised. When did he become such a ceremonious person? I was puzzled because he had told me that he is from the respectable Mafia family. He even told me several last names but I did not remember them. Besides it is in nature of families to help friends who got into the trouble. Of course long years of success made their cruel deal or even nowadays crisis also damaged him. It is funny when I start thinking that once somebody’s life can turn around. I have had similar situations several times in my life. I know that my fortune can take high into the clouds and next day I can be down on the floor….. But I do not understand Maurizio. We got acquainted with him when he was unemployed American with Italian roots. On my old computer I have got the copy of the site “Mosteroticteens”, this copy made in 1999. There are scanned photos from different magazines there. The first his pictures Mauricio did not buy but steel from me. And several months after it he was begging me not to write the complaint because of the stolen content. I had no money in order to pay off. That moment I could become a part owner of «Mosteroticteens” with the income of 8-10%. But I do not regret about it. You should not write falsehood on your side. I have never taken him seriously. I remember when he took offense at Peter Hegre when he left him and made his own site «Hegre-Archives». I was in the middle of all the deals and machinations. I wonder who will be the next. Who will start the next scandal?
The scandal has already started with 3FN.NET, several sites of my friends are out of work, The owner of : Vlad Nikonoff is in a trance. The recent site which I have found lately is also out of work. All the content was put on this site from three days before our arrest…. I can not stop surprising and I think Mauricio is laughing at it. He is the greatest swindler of all times! I know only one person like him but this person does not refer to erotica, it is better to say that he refers to prosecutor’s office. He was such invulnerable as Met. Once Mauricio asked me to save him from the Russian hacker who had stolen all his content and had put it on the Cuban server and had also made several tricks….
I just wrote the address which Met had given me. This man was a retired Russian colonel, his name was Boris. I was communicating with him with a great pleasure because he could outrage Mauricio in English which he did not know well. Boris told me several pleasant things that he had already known my works and that he was also watching my career development. He also told me that he was able to solve the Mets problem privately: “out of regard for you” Boris explained…… I have just remembered the real case when I helped Met. The case was not in money the case was in consideration. The only faithful thing which Met wrote about me is that the success went into orbit! I agree that in a few years Mauricio already had talent cameramen but he had started his career only with my photos. By the way he did not pay me back for the first session. I think he borrowed money on my photos or maybe he found a good sponsor or made something else but he got a profitable contract at once after it. We had our first quarrel when Mauricio suddenly started buying Sasha’s Fradis photos. In the main he used to take photos of 17 years old girls. I got acquainted with Sasha when I came to visit him in Odessa. It is my native town and a lot of my relatives lived here. For about few weeks we had very good friendship. He is a very interesting man he was a soldier of Foreign Legion. It seems that he has children in any country in the world. But I did not like the way he was choosing models for his job. He rent a house where about 10 girls were living. Most of them were found in the streets or were taken there by their friends. Some of them were brought there from the Republic Moldova by their poor parents. This idea was not bad at all but Sasha Fradis started taking drugs. Shortly after that he was arrested. After that Mauricio just deleted all his photos from the site. In Russia until December 2003 there was not an article which could prohibit erotic materials with under aged people. In Russia the age when the person can pose for a photo was 14 and then 16. The first cameramen did not allow Mauricio’s models to take photos if they were under 18 even with the permission of their parents. Russian cameramen for a long time did not know the demands of the American laws. I started keeping to them when I set up my own site. I was sure that our business would be for a long time. Some people tell me that it was Petter’s Hegre idea of booking the law machinery my arrest. It was very easy to do. To tell the truth I think that it was Mauricio’s both idea and jewelry performance. Petter Hegre had only one person who could pay for the fabrication of my case and for my arrest. Peter has very poor intelligence and besides Mauricio had more opportunities for committing it and his is also smarter than Peter. If we start speaking about competition then we compete Met (Met-Art) more than Peter (Hegre-Art). Peter was able to trick Mauricio once, I was able to trick Peter but the total count was 3:2 in favour of the fan of Adriano Chelentano. He feels shy but to tell the truth he likes Adriano Chelentano very much. One of the conditions of our first contract with Mauricio was that my book, my photos and my album would be published by him! Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) carried on negotiations and she knows everything about it. Mauricio went tardily on vacations to Milan to visit his old friend and his distant cousin who was dealing with publishing activities. For several weeks he was calling Sveta Nochevnova (CVETA) by that time she had already understood the slang which Mauricio used. He was telling that the publisher was tickled pink and it was necessary to prepare the photos and to activate the book project. But in a few weeks he became silent. In a month and a half he told us that he had taken away his friend’s bride in Texas and he had already married her. Just then I started calling him Mao. Combination of poet, tyrant, shady dealer stroke me. He was similar to the father of Chinese people. Then I heard about his first son, later I heard about the second one. Several times we spoke with Mao’s wife Emmy; she was Italian ex-podium model. Then I started hearing the bark of the little Mexican dogs in the phone. Mao moved to a new office on the roof of the skyscraper. He wrote me such a long letter. He wrote me about our friendship he also wrote that he is obliged to me. He also made a reference that Peter Hegre is to be wiped off the face of the earth. The last our contact with Mao was when I left the Peter’s Hegre project [Galitsin-Archives]. Then I was sick and tired of all his machinations and I set up my own site. About Mao I heard from Slastyonoff, Vlad Nikonoff and also from different cameramen, they were complaining of the slave conditions of the contracts and of Mao’s petty tyranny. Then I stopped discussing this topic with anyone. In the prison I was thinking a lot and wrote something about Mao, but I will tell you about it later…

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