Julia galitsin

Julia made herself renowned by being one of the first and most remarkable models on the Metart which at those times was better known as Most Erotic Teens. It was a romantic era of 1999-2000. For two years she had been one of the 5 MET’s top models sharing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Her friend Valentina had long held the 5th place.

I was laughing at the Julia’s new alias (Eva Hazelnut: she was both a dancer and an actress dressed like a hot sexy housemaid with the scandalous past) Evochka Hazelnut. «Her sexy hard ass like a nut drives me crazy….” I am afraid that it would be impossible to make an accurate translation of this phrase into English. We found out about Zankina’s career in prison (by the way Irishka continues calling her like this). Having discharged from the prison I found only one clip where she was playing the leading role, not much but it was good for the beginning. She was writing that she was going to enter the most prestigious university of cinematography in Russia, but she would never do it. In Volgograd she was dismissed from the drama school for her immoral conduct! I can not imagine it! How could she be dismissed where all the students have immoral conduct?! Why did she stop acting? I have got several suggestions for it: maybe she found a paramour and started her relationship…. Julia is fond of different gifts and adventures….

I remember when we wet to the bathroom with Julia and then suddenly came my severe friend Sveta Nochevnova. That day Sveta had to go to the cottage house for the whole day but she made a sudden return. She cut July’s tights and skirt and almost struggled her. But it did not stop us. Once I went with Julia to the holiday camp “Repino” for taking photos. When suddenly at midnight her lover with several strong guys visited us…..My ass saved only one thing, I could taking down any hard situation and I believe my guardian angel also helped me. She did not stop coming to my place for taking photos but she started asking me to let her free a little bit earlier in order to come to the pool with her new lover. She was telling her boyfriend that she spent time with me. I promised him that I would not fuck her girlfriend but several times I broke my promise. I regret only about one thing that while my relationship with Julia I did not put enough attention on her friend Valentina.. In the beginning of our acquaintance July’s mother was bringing her for taking photos, she ordered her not to be lazy and posing for a photo every day in order earn a lot of money. Sveta found her at the modal casting, she was ready to work every day. Working with her wasted me because she wanted to work 12 hours per day ( her money depended on it, I was paying her money for the number of photos) She loved money very much till at the 13th of March 2001 she brought her friend . To tell the truth I met them at the street, Julia was telling me that her friend was ugly and scary, I believe she just was afraid of the competition. I calmed her down and in my mind I noticed in this «scary» girl the future star. It was more comfortable to work with both of them. Irene told me at once that she would never be a camera operator but she was so talent in the photography and in other things! She was writing letters to me in prison. Her photos were brilliant; sometimes I could not identify where my work was and where her work was.

The first Yule’s man was a casual maniac. Julia was returning from work late at night and my car was broken and I did not fell well. I called her mother on the telephone and ask her to allow Julia to stay by my side that night. Her mother agreed but Julia however went to seek the adventures…She was introduced to drive her till home and to eat black caviar and to drink some champagne. Till the morning she was studying how to suck the dick…Then the head of the «Widgy Models” agency Oksana Eremina introduced her to a very rich sponsor. This man was the head of the tourist agency and he loved youth. All the deals with this man were on mutually beneficial grounds and everything would be great if my friends- models Dina and Julia did not fuck with him. They did not want to let a new cash-seeker to this body. If I am mot mistaken they punished her but nobody confessed. I started to learn the ropes of this question: only Dina was sleeping with the head of the agency! Then there was an uncle from Moscow who was dealing with flower business, and then I lost count of all the events…We have never traveled long distances with Julia in order to make a photo session. There were only “Repino”,“Kachalino” and the studio in the parkway. Now she has another life…. During our arrest she also was interrogated. Primarily gave simple neutral statements, it was clear to everyone that there was not violence in my studio! The girls was coming and leaving, some of them returned when they needed money. They became assistants, interpreters, secretaries and even housekeepers. I do not remember exactly how old was she when she started posing for the camera. The 242.1 article in Russia was accepted only 08.12.2003 but we had got acquainted with Julia earlier. Before it I was working for MOSTEROTICTEENS and Mauricio Maranti told me nothing about the age. In the future Met- Art also was taking the age light-headed but they could quickly delete the photos if something was going to be wrong. I had an influence on

Mauricio and I did not advise him to work with Sasha Fradis. The age in Russia when the girls could be posed for the photos at that time was 14. Sasha opened his studio named “Studio 13”

Then he started taking drugs and was put into the prison. He was not producing pornography but he also was charged of it. Mauricio deleted very quickly Sasha’s erotic photos of the young girls from the press as well as mine. Even now I know that a lot of girl on Met-Art are under aged but they would not put into the prison the father of three children they also would not leave hungry his beautiful wife. Besides the Italian mafia would not like to loose such a good source of income and the place where thy can launder money. I think that Mauricio has got everything all right with senators and the judges in Texas. Also I do not want 500 of Russian and Ukrainian cameramen and a huge variety of models to be without work. Everyone has already known about it for example: cameramen working for Met-Art and their partners. This topic is usually spoken on master-x.com and on the Russian forum AVM. So do not rat at FBI, write better Evochka Hazelnut http://vkontakte.ru/id22801671

Julia/Eva is a gorgeous babe but I’d hate to be executed for attending one of her shows:
Eva Hazelnut group of Fast Food throughout the night celebrated the birthday
A night disco Russian group «Fast Food», organized by producer center «Procent» on the beach «Amburan, near Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, was on the verge of striking epatazhem foul.
The group began with the party hits «Moscow Never Sleeps», which broke records in popularity, and then struck the dancers a real barrage of superlatives electronic music all imaginable and unimaginable types.
The party has become both a celebration of the birth of group dancers, Walnut Eve.
The girl took the stage congratulations not only from a team member, but also from across thousands crowds who came to the event.
And it seems that she was very happy with this.
And the audience, in turn, remains quite executable Evoy erotic dances.
Boys and girls danced before to the point of exhaustion, throwing energy and immediately get her again, thanks to the guests.
This was a real Fairytale sound and light, bright flash gone last summer, etakoe farewell to him.
And all that lasted until early morning.

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