Grigory Galitsin a human or a monster?
On the 28th of August the famous photo artist Grigory Galitsin has the last word in the court of Volgograd. They want to punish him for the shootings of half-naked girls and they also kept him in prison for several years. He was released from the prison not long ago but the attorney still wants a punishment for 7 years for him. The most interesting thing that Grigory Galitsin has a document according to what the expert commission which took part in the investigation about the case was close down one year before the investigation! This commission counted the art of Grigory is a terrible porno. Does it mean that he was put in prison in illegally? There was a lot of noise about this case!
— Grigory, did you have time to enter this document upon the record?
- No, unfortunately I got this document at the last moment but I can enter this document upon the appeal at any moment.
— So it seems that you are not a monster, you are a human, are not you?
- Yes, it seems so. They wanted to show me as a monster for a long time, the spread lop-sided information about me which is based on press release of the public prosecutor’s office. Newspersons did not take troubles to meet me. I have got the video of NTV-channel, where they lead me through the public prosecutor’s office. Chernyshev allowed shooting me, but he did not allow the newspersons to meet me. It is necessary to say that every fair correspondent assumes as a duty to meet the other side. They will manage it even if the opposite side takes the side of the public prosecutor’s office. They learnt these things at the university.
— Who is Chernyshev?
- He is the head special investigator of the public prosecutor’s office of the Volgograd region. From the very beginning he got his step with the use of our case, he was even confessed as the best investigator of 2006.
— But if he made references to the unreal expertise, how can he be the best investigator?
- We did not know about it in 2006. He manipulated facts very skillfully.
— Did he rob you?
- My cash assets from my flat, from my credit cards and from my banking account were lost. They also arrested my “Hammer”. And then they took away the flat of my mother who died during the investigation, they also took away my heritage. With the permission of Chernyshev they took away the entire from the studio: the collection of pictures, all the photo devices, all the antiques things. Everything was sold to my relatives for good money. I have reasons to suppose that they shared the things with Chernishev, maybe they even promised him a flat. Now he does not allow bringing the action before the court against my relatives and he also covers them. Chernyshev proposed to my fiancée Irina to become her paramour for half a year. For some reason it was only for half a year …
— Did she refuse it?
- Yes she refused it categorically. She did not take him as a man. After it she was taken in prison. And besides she refused to give statements against me, and she was sat in front of me, I think that this retaliatory measureя was taken in order to force the pressure on me. Be fore the arrest she made surgical operation about vision correction and she had sutures on her eyes which had to be taken off. The first our scandal under the arrest was connected with it. She could become blind woman if the sutures were not taken off in time. When the convoy found out about it they did not take her in prison. The judge consulted and decided to make her a parolee. Having left out of prison she started hindering everyone. Her destiny was prejudged.
— And what about the history in your prison ward? Why did you prohibit prisoners to smoke?
- I had very little prison ward, there were about 5-6 of people. I have not smoked for several years. Later a lot of people were obliged me.
— You are a terrible person! You did not allow prisoners to smoke; you took away their only joy in their life!
- I did not prohibit all the prison. Everyone had a choice: they could move to other ward or to smoke only during the walks.
— What is like to be in prison?
- I had already an experience of communicating with underworld. And I was on the same wavelength with the prisoners very quickly. The most boring period is a sitting in the private ward. I felt the lack of human communion. There is always a free plays in the private ward, there is no crowd of people there. There are directors, drug barons and other boring persons in this ward. In the neighbor ward there were big superior of the police and the mayor of the city Evgeny Petrovich Ishchenko.
— Is there a legal opportunity to be in private ward? It is unbelievable!
- It calls humanitarian aids. This is not a bribe. The money officially is being inserted in the cash office and then they move me to the ward with TV and with a refrigerator. That period they had such a practice because the prison needed money. But nowadays they stopped this practice.
— Listen, everyone wants to find out, did the investigator Chernyshev fuck your models during the investigation?
- Sufferer “Alice” came to the court armed with Chernyshev for giving statements. Other girls told that after the giving the statements Chernishev invited them to the bath. One girl told about the details of her going there. She told it with humor, and she told that she liked Chernyshev from the very beginning. According to her words they had sexual contact but Chernishev was worrying a lot and he had early ejaculation. Then he made cunnilingus. The girl laughed at him but she gave him a second chance. And the same thing happened the second time. She told him that she likes normal man with normal dick and she also told that she does not like people who lick. And she ended meeting with him for good.
— A lot of your models were as witnesses in this case? And what did Chernishev do with them?
- With the girls who were not well-informed juridical Chernishev behaved very freely with them: he was screaming and stamping his feet – it is his favorite habit. If the girl does not give statements he comes up, bangs his fist on the table and screams very much. He menaced to show their photos or video shootings to their relatives and husbands…
— But this is the component of crime!
- Yes, in my point of view it is illegally. It is illegal methods of the investigation. His inadequate behavior he reminds me the policeman Evsyukov, who executed by shooting the visitors of the supermarket. I am not sure that Chernishov can work with people. It would be nice to check him.
— Maybe Chernyshev should be put in prison?
- A lot of his counterparts, investigators, in the private talk aired their views that he stays too long out of prison. He made a lot of violations in our case. I would sit in the one ward with Chernyshev for several months with a great pleasure. He would confess! If we are absolved than he will be charged of the official inadequacy. The only person who upset that we were released is Chernyshev. Now he has a new role of the public prosecutor in our case.
— How can it be like this? If it is legal when the investigator and the attorney is the same person?
- Once he boasted to his authorities that he would prove our guilt. And he was sent to make his promises to the court. The term about 242 article is over, and the ex-attorney said about the other articles that there are no components of crime. We had to be charged of killing Kennedy or they had to release us immediately. Chernishev made an application about our iterative arrest. But the court refused it. Now he has brought the new case to the court based on the 137th article (picking up the information of the personal motivation and illegal intervention into the private life) based on publication of both mine and Irina’s interview in the newspaper “Native town”.
— Stop. It was against you, not against the newspaper? I can not understand clearly, how can it be by giving the interview to interfere into you private life? What did you say?
- The newsperson asked for some illustrations. I and Irina gave her our own photos in clothes. And we also gave her the photo album – in order to learn what we are charged of. This album is legally distributed across Europe, and we have just received two examples from the publisher. But for the illustration the redactor of the newspaper took photos of the girls from the album. And one of the girls was a sufferer of the last case, her name is Alice and she is a witness now. She wrote an application that Galitsin somehow revenges her. And she gave Chernyshev this application personally. And he at once brought the action before the court. The newsperson of the newspaper was as a witness. My wife Irina also was a witness
— It is nonsense.
- On Monday we were interrogated, the women –investigator was nervous and screaming a lot. Irina wanted to record this confrontation on the dictating machine, but the investigator started screaming louder and started driving out Irina. And everything it was with the presence of our lawyer! The confrontation was carried out and it was dedicated to the process of delivering the album with nude girls to the hands of newsperson.
— It is nonsense. The new case against Galitsin based on the interview… What does it mean?
- It means that they are trying to find the components of the crime. They did not give us any document about the confrontation, in order to prevent us from writing a complaint. Here is the article in the newspaper:
— And what about such a beautiful girl, Katya-interpreter, what was her role? When I look at her photos with tits it drives me crazy.
- Katya had one of the central roles in my activity. She concluded contracts, translated the articles, she posed for a photo and also mad photo shootings. Her obligation was to take interview of girls. At the moment of our arrest she was afraid that because of participation in criminal case she would not get visa to America. From the very beginning she claimed that she would do everything in order to a witness in this case. All the public prosecutor’s office was admiring Katya’s tits. The men part of the investigating committee knows her thin voice, complaisance and flexibility.
— Tell me about your wife Irina.
- They did not treat her as my wife, but actually she already was my wife. We have an experience of cohabitation for 6 years. We were in correspondence in prison and applied about our marriage. We wrote applications to the registry office, to the investigator and to the authorities of the prison. But despite the constitution of The Russian Federation and “European Convention for the protection of human right and fundamental freedoms”, they were constantly refusing us. I collected all the refusals and wrote an application to the court of Strasbourg. When there was the first opportunity to get married we did it at once after our release from the prison. We dreamed about normal family and children. Now Irina is in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Theт 16th of August 2009

Sergey Loginov

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