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Alinka Christmas tree old punk style
A girl with green hair in a pink cape rehearses gestures for a pantomime performance. She is going to participate in Christmas masquerade. The concept of a good mood on holidays.


It was a wonderful photo shoot. I know Alinka from the 90’s. I stood in the Alley of Heroes and sold paintings. As soon as I had successful, big sales, I spent all my money on photos and video equipment.
However, I do the same now.
I’m a fanatic of photography and video shooting.

A huge cassette of the VHS
Huge mounting video recorder.
I still have an archive of old video tapes that I shot in those years.
But I’m afraid that they will turn into dust at one touch to them.
A lot of people, probably tens or hundreds, if on this list include their children would like to see these records.

But this requires a special person. This requires money.
Unfortunately, from my acquaintances, no one has become a multimillionaire.
We would definitely restore those records.

This is mostly concerts of rock bands and mostly what happened behind the scenes.

Yesterday’s photo session, it was just an excuse to shoot something on the topic of that time.
We did not negotiate or discuss it.
Our memory of those times, played with us a joke.
Or was it nostalgia?

At our disposal was the clothes of those times and the girl the stylist who helped us to realize the fantasy.

The theme of Christmas was rather an excuse to play with the past.
We succeeded.
I do not regret any one shot.

I’m happy that I started working for photostocks.
I will be happy if this will ever bring me income.
But the most important thing that happened was that I started taking pictures every day again.

I can send the best that came out of these photos to the drains. And this archive will be preserved.
It can be used.

And my habit of creating brand things from nothing else will do me a good service.

What else was remarkable about this photo session was that we gave all the best.
After that, such devastation, which begins to be filled gradually with new impressions.
And these impressions are of value, because they can again lead to a photo shoot.

This is called the process of creativity.

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