MetArtMoney Affiliate Update — October 20th

MetArt is our site of the week, and included in the promo tools release are are FHG from the following Top Models:

Michaela Isizzu, Li Moon, Hilary C, Anatali, Clarice, Iva, Carolina Sampaio,
Kenya, Patritcy A, Raena, Ardelia A, Vivian, Kay J, Kika, Breton, and our current #1 Model, Caralyn.

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Donation, gift for Galitsin’s blog

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Donation, donating, endowment, contribution, offering, grant, gift


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Hi Katie! Thanks for the add. You were my favorite model on Galitsin’s site years ago, and I was sad to see everything fall apart after he ran into legal troubles (which sounds like was partially his fault and partially a political setup, but I don’t know what all the details were there) . The past is the past, though; how do you like living in the US? A friend of mine used to live in Texas, but he moved to Moscow a few years back due to work and I’m not sure he has really fully adjusted yet to living in another country with a very different government.

What do you do these days? I’m assuming you have retired from modelling after the Galitsin fiasco.

I’m so sorry for everything you went through, especially with that photographer, Galitsin. I know you may not have felt that he was hurting you, but I believe you are worth more as a human being than for people to just value you on your looks alone. I know you are an extremely creative, bold, boundless person, and I do respect that. But I just sense you’ve been through some serious pain, not even from Galitsin. I truly hope you’re taking care of yourself and I hope that one day you will realize you were not worth those photographs. You are worth more because God made you. And because you’re His daughter you should be honored for the incredible, selfless, inquisitive, bright character you have. I hope you know you’re valued and gifted.

Katie IMDb
Katie VK Club

Slastyonoff, galitsin blog

The Theory of a Photo. (translation from russian)

All reality accessible to our sense organs, is described by four dimensions: length, height, width (space) and time. Any real event occurs in space and time. But each person has own «an individual reality», shown, for example, in dreams. And its laws do not depend in any way on laws of an objective reality. Any work of art is more or less exact transferring a material by the artist (an objective reality) to his individual reality. Further. Any direct contact (the work with model concerns also) includes not only the communications at a level of speech and gestures, but also contact of individual realities which is fixed by them. A place where this contact occurs, it is necessary to define somehow. I have named it «the Fifth dimension». (In passing I should note that I consider all of it, including application of the term «the Fifth dimension» is the intellectual property 🙂

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Disclaimer: I, Grigori Galitsin take photos, write fiction and daydream. All heroes are fruit of my artistic fantasy, have no protagonist and any semblance with real living or diseased people is mere coincidence. The contacts provided are changed. The whole text or any part of it cannot be qualified as acknowledgement and serve as testimony in court or a base for filing a lawsuit or prosecution or criminal investigation. If you are disagree with this statement and read the content unintentionally please immediately stop reading! Please then send me a message about it and I’ll immediately delete you contacts from all subscriber lists.


Julia galitsin

Julia made herself renowned by being one of the first and most remarkable models on the Metart which at those times was better known as Most Erotic Teens. It was a romantic era of 1999-2000. For two years she had been one of the 5 MET’s top models sharing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Her friend Valentina had long held the 5th place.

I was laughing at the Julia’s new alias (Eva Hazelnut: she was both a dancer and an actress dressed like a hot sexy housemaid with the scandalous past) Evochka Hazelnut. «Her sexy hard ass like a nut drives me crazy….” I am afraid that it would be impossible to make an accurate translation of this phrase into English. We found out about Zankina’s career in prison (by the way Irishka continues calling her like this). Having discharged from the prison I found only one clip where she was playing the leading role, not much but it was good for the beginning. She was writing that she was going to enter the most prestigious university of cinematography in Russia, but she would never do it. In Volgograd she was dismissed from the drama school for her immoral conduct! I can not imagine it! How could she be dismissed where all the students have immoral conduct?! Why did she stop acting? I have got several suggestions for it: maybe she found a paramour and started her relationship…. Julia is fond of different gifts and adventures….

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Skokov Galitsin

GREGORY: I’ve got some good news. Got $38 on my PayPal – sold some photos on mobile stock CLASHOT Spent the money immediately.
First – transfered my site to the premium host. Means – two of my three domains, left from my previous life. Now everybody hosting anything mine – sets, galleries, FHG, covers or anything about me, my photos,
or my art – can put a link to galitsin-news, for instance. It’s very important to me. My new hosting is INFERNO. New domain name I bought on sale for an unusual price of $6.99; and it looks like

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Gregory: So, Cathy – how did you like to work with Peter?
Cathy: Horrible
Gregory: Cathy, why? He looks so nice and lovely?
I think I know what’s the deal – but would love to get it in your words. So, he promised
you something – and when you came you were enslaved? He didn’t pay you as he said
he will? I am just puzzled…
Cathy: No, he paid pretty good. Didn’t harassed me sexually. He really looks nice. But… he’s a
very cold, unwelcoming, soulless. It’s very unpleasant to work with such people.
Gregory: Have you been at his location in Portugal?
Cathy: In Spain. Barcelona’s suburban – Sitges. Wrong. Sorry – not to you.
Gregory: He’s got a home in Portugal – where his entire team used to work ones upon a time. Did
things change? Does any other photographer help him during the sessions?

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There was no problem to bill for any kind images, and the hosting of nude images was not a particular problem for these companies — let alone for the Non Nude Models. At this time almost 100% of the websites were hosted in the United States because it was the only place where it was affordable. The Web sites have generated such traffic, that a human being can hardly imagine how big the interest really is. I have the 2001 statistics of a website containing naked pictures of children and adolescents. During the month of June 2001, a total of 200 million visits to the site took place (this is not page views, but unique visitors but on a daily scale — it is likely that a good part of visitors this month visited the site on many days and have been counted multiple times. My estimate is that there were about 15 million unique visitors during this month). The ratio between visitors and buyers, however, is very small. The same site in June 2001 a turnover of approximately U.S. $ 60,000 made at a price of about $ 30 which is approximately 2000 customers. Even Web sites that still exist, such as bought productions in 2000 with 11-14 year old girls, and everything was billed through the very serious CCBill (this series are no longer at Met-Art Journal).

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